The Adventure Camp vans have always been a fun and magical place for children. The fun begins from the moment they step into the van. Rather than being a just a transportation company that drives childern to and from activities, the Adventure Camp vans are a special part of our program. There are many activities that happen inside the van from songs and stories to special games that are unique just to our camp. The parents can see this in the eyes of their children as they watch them run to the van so excited and eager to find their seat.  Over the years, the children have found the perfect name for each van. Currently we have "Snow White", "Cool Blue" and "Great White". Some of our retired vans include: Green Machine, Sliding Blue, Baby Blue, New Blue, Old Blue, Big Beige, and Grey Wolf. Our vans have always been counselor drivin, and the counselors have all been trained by owner Rory Judge. Many of the counselors and drivers were once young campers themselves, in those very same vans, making the transition a very unique and special part of their life. We invite you to come see what all the fun is about.

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